Wednesday 15th May

| BY Helena Fletcher

Which LV Face Are You? This is Your Fine Jewellery Personality Test According to Louis Vuitton B Blossom

When you picture a fine jewellery wearer who do you imagine? Perhaps it’s a sleek & chic older woman, immaculately coiffed and polished, who frequents the top restaurants, galleries, galas and shops solely in luxury department stores? Maybe the definition of goals to some, but also reminiscent of a bygone era of glamour, when just this week Rihanna uploaded an Instagram story of herself with a Sainsbury’s Bag For Life in the background. Times are changing and so are the ways we’re wearing our jewellery, and Louis Vuitton are doing their part to prove these preconceptions wrong.

Changing the way that we think about wearing fine jewellery, LV’s B Blossom collection of fine jewellery here in all its shining glory, with a campaign proving that there’s no right or wrong way to wear it. Captured by fashion industry icons photographer Craig McDean and styled by Marie-Amélie Sauvé, the emblematic star-flower shaped pieces are worn by five of today’s boldest and brightest stars, with each bringing their own generous helping of their personalities. You already have your favourite Power Ranger, a Marvel Superhero and Friend (of Friends). Now is the time to decide which B Blossom look is for you? Are you a jewellery maximalist or a minimalist? Classically glam or have a bit more fun with your style? Are you more of a Chloë Grace Moretz or an Indya Moore? This is your LV fine jewellery personality test. BuzzFeed is quaking.

The Modern-day Maximalist

More is more is your ethos to live by. But as the modern-day maximalist, you pick and choose when to take this approach. The 23-year-old actress who cut her teeth playing Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones, Sophie Turner has ditched her character’s furs and opted for a mix-and-match approach to her jewels. Pairing a chain-like charm bracelet with a gold cuff on one wrist, whilst stacking rings on her other hand. Opting for the green, yellow, black and pave diamond spherical stamp-like rings, inspired by the original Monogram created by Georges-Louis Vuitton in 1896. Do the colours clash, who tf cares?

Favourite colour: multi!

Spirit animal: eagle

Favourite music to get ready to: Cyndi Lauper and an 1980s playlist

Beauty product couldn’t live without: lip balm

Addicted to: yoga

The Girly Glam (With An Edge)

Signe Veiteberg is the one to watch. Hailing from Norway, she’s one of Nicolas Ghesquière’s favourite faces and the embodiment of girly glam (with an edge). Dressed as the ultimate 1980s power dresser, she most recently opened LV’s big Cruise show in New York. Going back to basics and shedding her electric make-up, she’s the kind of girl that loves a good blow-out and a glossy lip. Her posture is so amazing thanks to a mixture of ballet and horseriding lessons, perfectly setting off the rose gold drop earrings and subtle chain necklace, with white and pink charms. Be a girl who can do both, Signe most certainly can.

Favourite colour: baby pink

Spirit animal: dolphin

Favourite song to get ready to: anything by the Pussycat Dolls

Beauty product couldn’t live without: lip & cheek (à la Trinny)

Addicted to: shoe shopping

The Real Yet Regal

Gimme, gimme Moore. Indya Moore to be precise. The trailblazing Pose breakout star, hailing from the Bronx, the 24-year-old has already appeared on the covers of multiple magazines and even a Blood Orange music video. For the Real Yet Regal, gold dangling chain earrings are the star of the show – it’s all about finding that one thing and building the look around it. They are the epitome of modern elegance that combines the reality of the streets and the elegance of countryside aristocracy. Whether trailing out of someone’s bed or getting ready for a gala, there’s a sense of perfection about everything you do.

Favourite colour: scarlet red

Spirit animal: tiger

Favourite song to get ready to: Donna Summer’s I Feel Love

Beauty product couldn’t live without: lipstick

Addicted to: dancing until early mornings, without breaking a sweat

The Bright Star

Chloë Grace Moretz asserted herself slap-bang in the centre of our radar as the utterly loveable and totally violent super hero Hit Girl in Kick-Ass, but has since proven she can turn her hand to any part. Bright-eyed and with enthusiasm in her step, Moretz is the Bright Star of the group. You know, the one that’s up for anything and will make sure everyone is feeling good in any given moment. She’ll go to the bar to pick up the drinks and call the taxi once you’re too drunk. Who says you can’t have it all? Nonchalantly rocking a pair of chain-chandelier earrings with a white LV star-shaped flower Monogram detail in white, doubles up on the circular pendant necklaces in black.

Favourite colour: blue

Spirit animal: dog

Favourite song to get ready to: Baby by Justin Bieber

Beauty product couldn’t live without: moisturiser

Addicted to: following cute dogs on Instagram

The Monochrome Minimalist

While some want it all, others are more curated and conscious. Zhong Chu Xi (also known of Elaine Zhong) is the 26-year-old Chinese actress known for her role in the film Youth, and now giving you the full-blown monochrome minimal. With only a ring and a bracelet, she’s the kind of girl that questions most of her decisions, but will happily advise you on any of yours. The jewellery reflects this too. The chunky gold signet ring with black sphere with inlaid diamonds in the shape of the LV floral monogram where the familial crest would be sits snugly on her pinky, and the gold bangle with diamond pave details sits down her forearm. Control-freak? She prefers meticulous.

Favourite colour: black (if that counts)

Spirit animal: snake or rhino

Favourite song to get ready to: a minimal techno playlist

Beauty product couldn’t live without: eyeliner (in any form)

Addicted to: a read inbox

Photographs by Craig McDean. Louis Vuitton’s B Blossom fine jewellery collection will be available in selected stores from the end of May.