Tuesday 14th March

| BY Jack Moss

Louis Vuitton: Pre-Fall 2017

If I were to wear a thigh-high patent boot and hang around in car park there is a high likelihood that I might, in fact, be arrested. Then again, I am not a Louis Vuitton woman, blessed of cheekbone, hair and bank account and thus (we assume) never mistaken for lady soliciting her wares. Added to that, she has the advantage that said boots are actually from the house’s just released Pre-Fall 2017 collection. Notice the heel? That would be in the shape of the LV monogram flower. Ouuu. Very… expensif. Could we say that they are a bit Sixties? Something about the combination of an over-the-knee boot and thigh-grazing skirt always reads 1960s, so too those ponchos, or the little cropped jackets. But here, it’s filtered through Ghesquiere’s fantasy futurism – those altered details that focus the eye and make a garment once recognisable into something new – the curved hem of a shirt reaching high up the side of the body, the acidic touches of colour – electric blue chevrons on the sleeves of a fur coat, or the same V-shape on the front of a red puffa, the multiple uses of slick, clean-edged leather. The bags that look a bit like the motherboard of a computer. Because what is it they say about not being able to look into the future without looking back into the past first? Call them postmodern fashions.