Thursday 10th March

| BY 10 Magazine

Louis Vuitton: Ready-to-wear AW16

Nicolas Ghesquiere is a futurist, a forward-thinker. That’s what we make our pilgrimage every March and October, to the Foundation Louis Vuitton, to see: the future of fashion. He never disappoints. This season, Ghesquiere re-erected Atlantis (no big deal) inside a series of black tents, while the rains poured torrential outside. The clothes he showed were fit for a modern warrior-cum-explorer, cross-bred with a supermodel obviously, in stomps-soled high heels, bias-cut dresses and scarf-wrapped handbags like precious jewels uncovered from some archeological dig. Or indeed, a delve several thousand leagues under the water. We loved the multicoloured Louie Louie scarf print dresses, the staple details, the kinky long leather gloves with pieced in colours like motocross leathers. In fact, we sort of loved everything.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans