Monday 6th March

| BY Jack Moss

Louis Vuitton: Ready-to-wear AW17

Last show of fashion month and lordy did we end on Louis Vuitton. Because everybody knows that the only type of finale worth having is a grand one, and what grander venue than right under the pyramid of the Louvre? That’s where Monsieur Ghesquiere chose to shift his show to this season, creating this mammoth catwalk, which required models to weave their way up and down staircases and around large marble sculptures (we would be more specific but…). And, on the subject of movement – could we say that the LV woman was off on a bit of a journey? Those girls love to travel. I mean, when you have bags that nice, it would be rude not to. Destination? Well, whilst noting we’re forging on here sans press release, could say there was something Peruvian to this? Or should we say South American in general? It was look three (we think) – this slightly battered, studded brown leather jacket that put us, for some reason, in mind of a lady gaucho. So too the jumper with aztec-y prints, closely followed by a jacket, woven with a similar design. There were these pieced-together furs too, which suggested a more rural existence, so too the little sheepskin capes that hung down the model’s backs. But this is Mr Ghesquiere, so all this was merely hinted at, siphoned instead through the filter of the future – a futurism that here came through here in streamlined tailoring that nipped at the waist with these sort of airplane buckle-like belts, the same ones cinching a perfect, clean-cut trench. There’s always something sporty too – here, this lean electric blue driver’s suit, or these big-collared shirts that fastened with poppers. A pair of trousers in this incredible reflective fabric. For the final looks, Ghesquiere went a bit more femme-y – clear dresses embellished with black ruffles, patchworked lace, a scattering of negligees, here worn with chunky boots, some of which had an almost jodphur-esque leg warmer. Which may have been attached, we’re not sure. Call it tough but sweet. But mostly tough. And always on the move. Which reminds us. We have a Eurostar to catch. Au revoir beautiful Paris!

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans