Thursday 26th January

| BY 10 Magazine

Maison Margiela: Couture SS17

Would it be wrong to say that this season’s Maison Margiela Artisanal collection was a little Great Gatsby? Not because this was 1920s glamour, per se, but rather, because of the faces that stared back at us. Faces on jackets, dresses, coats, even over the models faces. Just like Doctor T.J.Eckleburg’s looming eyes. Like the eyes of God. We think. We didn’t Pay much attention in English Literature. The tulle face we are referring to in particular, sliding down the front of a long, white deconstructed coat, the brainchild of a collaboration between the house and artist Benjamin Shine. But there was also something a bit back-to-the-ranch about this. She’s a little prairie, and a little country. These aren’t clothes that are made to work though. Not unless you consider working making a dramatic entrance/exit. Riding on horseback into the sunset in that black parachute number, the layers and layers of fabric billowing out behind you.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans