Monday 14th December

| BY Jack Moss

Maison Margiela: Pre-Fall 2016

A posing class, courtesy of the Maison Margiela Pre-Fall 2016 collection. It’s all there. The over-the-shoulder. The over-the-shoulder semi-squat. The elegant chair lounge. The sassy faux-walk. The power stance. The back bend. Wannabe models / general poseurs take note. But then again, everybody knows that the most successful poses are always best achieved when you have a fabulous outfit to do it in. Which thankfully Maison Margiela have provided. Perfect for all your Pre-Fall transitional wardrobe needs. It’s all quite ladylike – skirts that nip the waist and flare to the hem, sparkling embellishment, block heels worn with coloured schoolgirl-esque socks. But Mr John Galliano has a knack for warping those proportions into something all together more interesting. Perfect for the modern lady. Or gent. Gender ain’t nothing but a thang in the Margiela universe.