Thursday 2nd March

| BY Jack Moss

Maison Margiela: Ready-to-wear AW17

You might think that there is only one way of carrying a handbag, that being, as the name would suggest, in your hand. You would be wrong. Because, as of this morning, John Galliano, via Look 5 of his Maison Margiela AW17 collection, decreed that all bags should henceforth be carried upon the head. Makes sense. A head, or so we’ve heard, we haven’t picked anything up since 1997, is a good place to carry heavy things. It will also help with posture. Like balancing a book. And, as this one particularly proved (it was huge, and furry) a handbag can also double as a hat-cum-headpiece. Fabalas. So what else did Mr Galliano set forth? Well there was a bit of a nude moment. Not in the sense that much flesh was on display, rather the fleshy-coloured fabrics that sat close to the body, worn with deconstructed black outerwear on top. Or trench coats, where panels were either cut out (one in the shape of the Statue of Liberty) or inset with sheer fabric. And beyond that – there was this almost arts and craft clash of colour and texture – carpet-style fabrics, python boots, flames that rose up hemlines, a smattering peacock feathers. Something sporty, too – this kind of skeleton of a varsity jacket, cut-out and worn over horsey houndstooth suiting. Because sometimes a lady has to do both.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans