Thursday 29th September

| BY 10 Magazine

Maison Margiela: Ready-to-wear SS17

This season the Maison Margiela girls were out of this world. Alien. Not the Ridley Scott kind, but beautiful creatures from outer space who have dropped into our world and want to learn our ways. Can you blame ’em? What better way to spend your summer (whatever planet you’re from) than at at beach. Beachwear to the nth degree. Flippers that weren’t flippers, but instead a tabi boot trainer hybrid type thing. A trompe l’oeil lace skirt made to look like scales. And of course the universal struggle of trying to get out of a wetsuit defeats even aliens, left hanging halfway down the models torso. And those hats! Forget talcing up these babies, they’re perfectly sculpted to your head. They’re even in the shape of hair – talk about futuristic. So beam us up Margiela aliens, because we want to recline on a beach where such garms are the norm. Otherwise we will just have to wear it down at Skegness.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans