Friday 16th September

| BY 10 Magazine

Marc Jacobs: Ready-to-wear SS17

Exposed light bulbs and a bit of a wet floor. That was the scene at Marc Jacobs¬†SS17. The last show of New York. Can you believe it? But who better than Mr Jacobs to provide a fittingly spirited finale? Okay. First things first. Neon dreadlocks. Yep. Get into it. This was what one might call a hair moment. And obviously, as this was Marc Jacobs, they had a relevant cultural reference being, as they were, inspired by Lana Wachowski, legendary director and face of the brands Spring 2016 campaign. There was something a bit cyberpunk about this. Like Marc had been for a rummage down Cyberdog. Meets nineties rave. Times ten. Those sky high platforms, this time daubed with colour and print, patchwork coats, thigh skimming rainbow socks. And all made a bit femme with candy-coloured baby doll dresses, a touch of brocade, shiny silky suiting. Some feathers. And, if that wasn’t enough, there was the vague whiff of the seventies about it all too. Apparently, this was about London club kids. And dressing however the hell you want. Hence the trance soundtrack. Which obviously left us wanting to partake in unmentionable substances and go out for three days but alas, we have a plane to catch. Tarrah!

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans