Thursday 13th September

| BY Dora Fung

Marc Jacobs: Ready-to-Wear SS19

Final show of the week and it finished with a bang!! The Marc Jacobs shows have been on time for so many seasons and when an email came saying they were running 30mins late, we all thought ‘how civilised to inform you beforehand!’ Then 30mins turned into 1 hour and by this time, a certain US Vogue Editrix was walking out! Don’t worry, her and her immaculate bob came back and finally, after 1.5hrs delay, the show started. For the people who did not stay or had to go, I am sorry because this show was worth the wait. All 54 models had different hair colours, hair styles and make up on! The pinks, the blues, the soft yellows, the tulle, the folds, the froths, the feathers were in full abundance! There was definitely an 80s vibe with the oversized blazers, cropped jackets with a YSL mood and full blown cotton candy pink that Barbara Cartland would have been jealous of! After a week of shows, bad weather and 1.5hrs delay in starting, was this worth the wait- 100%. Marc Jacobs is still one of the fashion kings of New York Fashion Week.

Photographs by Jason-Lloyd Evans.