Tuesday 2nd March

| BY Claudia Croft

Marine Serre: Ready-to-wear AW21

Marine Serre unveiled the latest chapter in her extraordinary career. She used her slot at Paris Fashion Week to launch Core, her new direct-to-consumer band website and storytelling hub.

It’s where she unveiled her AW21 collection, through a series of fly on the wall videos of her multigenerational gang of friends and family. They play with their kids, walk their dogs, garden, shop for food – all whilst wearing her latest looks. Her upcycled sustainable approached has earned her the title of eco-futurist, but Serre’s aesthetic idealism is anchored in the every day. “Fashion has always been about a dream, and I don’t like that. Here, fashion is the last thing you see. What you see first are the people,” she said of her approach.

An archaeologist of textiles, she’s focused on digging out the value in what’s already been made and giving it a new future. For AW21, repurposed silk scarves are draped into dresses, deadstock leather gets fashioned into unisex blazers and jeans. Antique tablecloths have a second life as feminine tops or dresses and her favourite silk moire is used for sporty co-ords.

Alongside Serre’s other hero items – her regenerated denim, signature crescent moon bodysuits and collaged upcycled knits. it all adds up to a comprehensive lifestyle wardrobe. Serre has always done things her own way, focused on her own goal and pursued it with such clarity of purpose that it’s almost mystical. Is she possessed of a higher knowledge, or does she just see things more clearly than the rest of us? If you are looking for someone to lead us toward fashion’s sustainable future, she is it.

Photography courtesy of Marine Serre.