Monday 24th September

| BY Claudia Croft

Marine Serre: Ready-to-Wear SS19

 One of the best things about Paris Fashion Week is seeing new brands emerge. Marine Serre, already an LVMH prize winner and causing a stir at Matches Fashion, has a big vision for her label. On a long stretch of a garden overlooking the railway, in the shadow of Montmartre in Paris, the world Serre is creating came ever more closely into view. Within her overall theme of F1 inspired sportswear, she’s helpfully divided her brand into four distinct lines.  Gold line is for avant-garde womenswear: tailoring melded with workwear and her new Moonwear Future Heel shoes. Green Line focuses on upcycling existing garments (all the denim) into something new. White Line is for core products and collaborations (Nike sneakers, calf-length Converse, Chuck Taylors and Trylex sunglasses).

Finally, Serre has launched couture via the Red Line, with silhouettes referencing golden age grandeur but rendered in surprising fabrics. How about a neoprene mermaid dress made from old wetsuits? Or a full-skirted gown upcycled from multi-pocketed survival jackets? As well as the menswear, there was kidswear too (cute crescent moon covered denim) – a sign of Serre’s ambition to build a comprehensive lifestyle brand. She calls it a “Pluriverse”. We call it great.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans.