Thursday 1st October

| BY Jennifer Raymont

Marla Aaron’s New Jewellery Collection is Designed to be Played With

Whether you’re prone to nervously tugging on your necklace before a job interview, or losing rings after rolling them up and down your fingers without realising, the new collection by Marla Aaron is most definitely for you. Entitled The Fiddling Series, the New York-based jewellery designer’s new collection is a celebration of movement, bringing together several pieces to satisfy all your fiddling needs.

The standout Pins Charm recreates a fully functional Pin Art children’s toy – give or take a few rubies, turquoise, sapphire crystals – and is kept on a long chain for easy access. Similarly, the 18 Karat Trundle Rings come in a variety of stones and styles and have either a wheel or hinge lock mechanism. Jewellery designed to be played with? Sign us up!

Photography courtesy of Marla Aaron. The Fiddling Series by Marla Aaron is available online now.