Tuesday 24th February

| BY 10Magazine

Marques Almeida London Fashion Week Aw15 Backstage Girls

What’s really nice about Marques’ Almeida is that they have found a signature that really works for them and rather than worry about reinventing themselves season after season, they instead riff on it, evolving what they’re known for. So the denim was here, the frayed edges, the slouch, organza and mono colour looks. But this time it felt a little more savage, as though, in some looks, somebody or something had attempted to rip the clothes from the body. Shoulders were torn. There was brocade patchwork too. Bustiers and raw skirts in pink, green and blue embroidered with gold. They were also worn with wide legged, slouchy trousers which was very reminiscent of Aaliyah. As were the flares, with splits that curved around the leg. They looked to Frida Kahlo and Christian Lacroix, as well Juergen Teller’s Go Sees for inspiration. Let’s call it a savaged view of the nineties.

Photographer: Jason Lloyd-Evans


By Natalie Dembinska