Friday 14th September

| BY Helena Fletcher

Marta Jakubowski: Ready-to-Wear SS19

If you know anything about Marta Jakubowski you’ll know she’s a load of fun. And if you took one look at her collection you’d know that the clothes she designs are too. This season our favourite German-Polish NEWGEN designer took us on a hedonistic mini-break to Ibiza via her teenage memories of the noughties. Yep we’re talking pedal pushers and ultra-cropped cardies inspired by SATC’s Carrie, as well as low slung trousers a la The Simple Life. “Clothes for me are the recording of time. You know, I always remember something I was wearing from my first night out, or my first kiss… or perhaps I wasn’t even wearing it but I associate it with that moment,” she explains in the show notes. 

It all kicked off with flashing strobe lights, bringing back flashbacks of foggy memories of nights spent dancing until dawn. Bandage dresses and tops came in bright and bold off-pastel tones, with a cheeky flash of flesh between the bands. The fabrics were as eclectic as the colour palette and ranged from day-glo satins and faux multi-animal skins, to mint and teal jacquards. A quartet of sexily cut little black cocktail dresses were all paired with an oversized floppy-brim lace sun hat in silver, neon yellow and fuchsia pink. Looks were finished with chain belts and jewellery designed by Husam El Odeh and it’s all at the top of our wish list. The ultimate 1992 Ibiza classic “Everybody’s Free” by Rozalla blared out of the speakers for the finale, which left the guests fidgeting in their seats and definitely wanting more. Next time you’re off to party Marta you better bring us along! #Ibiza2k19

Photographs by Jason-Lloyd Evans.