Monday 22nd February

| BY 10 Magazine

Mary Katrantzou: Ready-to-wear AW16

It opened with Dolly Parton. Both musically and in terms of the fashions. Its possible that the Dolly reference may not have been as apparent without the sound of Dolly, but either way, this was Dolly. Dolly on crack. According to the show notes this was “love’s young dream. A love story of opposing halves and attractive opposites”. And what could be more halves and opposites than Dolly emerging from her Tennessee mountain home, in a coat of many colours, and stepping onto a London Fashion Week runway. You can be sure that when her momma stitched every piece of that coat with love she wasn’t expecting this. Anyway, think of this as a reigning queen of the rodeo. Those country and western jackets, the boxy ones, covered in flame, star and galloping horse motifs, similarly embelished a-line skirts and furs, topped of with a bourgeois ¬†¬†headscarf, what could be more Dolly rodeo queen than that?

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans