Friday 14th September

| BY Dino Bonacic

Matty Bovan: Ready-to-Wear SS19

“Existence within time but infinitely into the future; as opposed to eternity, understood as existing outside time.” That’s sempiternity for you. Our word of the day, but also the name of Matty Bovan’s SS19 collection. And sempiternal it was indeed. The design philosophy was yet again apparent: everything and the kitchen sink, but make it FASHION. Matty’s craftiness reached a whole new level – Victorian silhouettes piled in layers of neon and crystals and techno knits forming large-scale prints, reworked super-sized Coach bum bags worn along with towering headpieces with feather dusters and plastic sushi plates created in collab with Stephen Jones…

Throughout the three years that he has been showing his work on a public platform, Matty has steadily been pushing his audience into new territory, making us think twice about what we see and what we consider beautiful. “As a designer, I have to push taste levels and question what people want or what is actually interesting,” the designer said backstage. But this season, it didn’t feel like we needed much pushing. With each of the looks coming down the catwalk, it made us realise: the world has finally caught up with Matty Bovan. Sempiternity was our cue to sit, relax and enjoy the madness. In the chaos that surrounds us today, this show was our safe haven. It gave us a moment to breathe in, watch Matty’s creative vision unravel and then applause in unison, with the front rower Dame Vivienne Westwood leading the cheer. This is the way to finish a day. Bravo!

Photographs by Jason-Lloyd Evans.