Friday 27th April

| BY Finn Blythe

Me And My Peekaboo: Watch The Fendi Family Talk About The Iconic Bag

The Peekaboo is turning ten. It has of course always been very ‘Ten’ (we’re long-time admirers at the Towers), but now that it’s reached this special landmark we can look back at a bag that has blossomed into something resembling blue-blooded bag royalty. Did you know it’s Fendi’s highest selling piece, like, ever? Between us we’ve certainly contributed to that figure. And like any royal, the enduring power and appeal of the Peekaboo is hereditary, passed down through blood lines like the most cherished of family heirlooms. That’s the case for a lucky few at least. I have a vintage coin set embossed with miniature Peter Rabbits waiting for me, but for those belonging to the noble house of Fendi, the love between Silvia and her Peekaboo creation is there to be shared for generations to come. Me and My Peekaboo is a celebration of that. A new film project centred on the emotional relationship between two generations of Fendi and the legendary bag. For Silvia, Delfina and Leonetta, the bag is a family member, one that, for Delfina and Leonetta at least, reflects their mum and her tireless work ethic, while for Silvia, it is an embodiment of both her daughters, having poured her love for them into its various designs. While we don’t doubt our own mums love us any less, we wish we had a bag to show for it. Keep your eyes peeled as the story continues later this year with more mother/daughter action. 


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