Thursday 8th June

| BY Finn Blythe

Meet Marc Jacobs’ Lady For Resort 2018

This reminds me of those Robert Longo photographs. Or the iPod ads. Remember them? The soundtrack to them was Jerk It Out by The Caesars, I believe. So consider, if you will, that these ladies are, well, jerking it out. We’ve never personally jerked it out in Marc Jacobs, but it looks like fun. There are some lovely clothes on show here – lots of tassels. We are big fans of tassels. Anything to emphasise what your mother gave you, as it were. Not that you needed telling, but we’re big fans of sequins too which, in a move something close to genius have been combined with said tassels to form some sort of hybrid. Hmm. A taquin? Sequell? Boudoir meets flapper. Anyway. Lots of layering in the Resort collections so far, and Marc is cementing the trend – evidenced here by a slinky array of slip dresses and wispy blouses reflecting the fluidity of the wearer’s poses. Suitable attire to be jerking it out indeed.