Tuesday 26th January

| BY Natalie Dembinska


There’s something of a Little Lord Fauntleroy to this. To our eye at least. I mean, there’s mention in the collection notes of Visconti’s The Damned, and Ludwig, but that’s just one classy high brow reference to much for us. So we’ll stick with kiddie fiction. It’s in the shape of the collar, that sort of oversized 70’s thing that spreads across shoulders, and those knickerbockers, all rendered in corduroy, which actually puts you in mind of Maude, of Harold and Maude, rather than long lost child heir to a vast estate and fortune in a distant land across the water. Though the colours are more Lord than Maude. Rich layers of jewel coloured corduroys, mixed with velvets and suedes and hand made knits, layered with delicate laces creating what must be the clothing equivalent of that thing called bread planting, or whatever- you know that woman who loves bread so much she buries her face in it? Well this is that, minus the bread. Plant your face in this.