Thursday 6th October

| BY 10 Magazine

Miu Miu: Ready-to-wear SS17

The Miu Miu crew took a trip to the beach. Well, it is Spring Summer. And so to the beach we went. Around us shapes decorated the plywood walls, a burnt orange circle burned bright and hot like the sun. Purples, whites and blues made up the clouds, a Miu Miu wonderland. And like any good wonderland it was vibrant and thrilling looking through this colour Kodachrome and this Polaroid film. It was a hot summer’s day at the beach, Miuccia style with sky blue patent leather coats and classic bold swirly ’70s printed day dresses. Bathing costumes and swimming hats like a Miu Miu synchronised swim team. It felt like an old school Hollywood pool party, or better still a Cinecitta one, so retro Rome yet something futuristic was happening. Gold platform sandals, optical prints and lozenges of ice cream colours. Totally hedonistic, good times, good vibes, high on colour and high on life. The Creatures oozed through the speakers, like a good golden honey: “Stranded on Venus sands.” There’s no better place to be stranded. This Miu Miu Wes-like wonderworld is where the magic happens.