Wednesday 4th October

| BY Richard Gray

Miu Miu: Ready-to-wear SS18

After being grounded for smoking in her bedroom (again), young Miuccia was determined to meet her biker boyfriend that Saturday night.

After pulling her gauze shift over her best geometric print blouse (fastened to the top – always) and pulling on that mid-calf pencil of her mum’s – no tights, her sports socks from cheerleading class will do – she climbed out of her bedroom window and shimmied down the drainpipe. Mum and dad were watching Happy Days.

Her best friend was waiting for her in her brother’s grey trousers and school blazer – she was the coolest girl in Miu Miu’s gang. And then that girl they didn’t really like but she passed for 21 and could buy them beers came bearing Buds in a granny’s sofa print house coat, brown tights, three-strap buckle open toe flats sandals and an Alice band hair do number. All smart, all savvy, all dressed to the nines. If things got cold Miu Miu would pull on her boyfriend the biker’s sleeveless leather gilet. He’s sooooo hot! Now where’s that bottle of Bud?