Sunday 17th September

| BY Jack Moss

Molly Goddard: Ready-to-wear SS18

The Molly Goddard girl is just like us this season – namely, she may or may not have a drinking problem. The doctor’s told her that she’s drinking too much, or so the story, direct from la release, goes. Now she’s only drinking in front of a mirror, or, alternatively, as she did today, trouncing down a runway. That’s what lovely Edie Campbell did, first out, glass of champagne and hoofing away on an e-cig – a woman we can get behind. So this was smock-y. Or “wench-y” and *something about milking a cow* according to one, here unnamed, member of Team Ten, but he/she really did mean it in a good way.

Volume was typically large – baby-doll smock dresses in simple cotton looped down low on the back, some worn with slim cigarette pants beneath, the same shape echoed in full skirts and flarey tops that fastened at the back with bows. Add in a few of those knockout Molly tulle creations, some glittery bits (“nice to see some sparkle at the party” – Phoebe) and, more simply, colourful striped knitwear and sensible apron-like skirts, secured with tie fastenings and you’ve got a very good collection indeed. Proof? The pure joy on the faces of those model’s lovely faces. They love wearing Molly’s clothes, and we would too.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans