Thursday 6th October

| BY 10 Magazine

Moncler: Ready-to-wear SS17

‘Tis the final day of fashion month so naturally we’re dreaming of holidays. Last season Giambattista Valli took us to the snowy mountains of the Swiss Alps. This season, we’re in the desert. Moncler Gamme Rouge SS17 is heating up. Dimly lit, huge screens projected the mountainous desert plains, ripples of sand. The clouds moved fast, slightly ominously and rocks lined the sand covered runway. Love a little 3D action. Smoke steamed through the room like a dust storm. And then the skies turned blue and out came the Moncler ladies, the first in a red cropped suit and conductors hat. Leigonnaires, darling. It was all so patriotic, French flag capes and hoodies in red, blue and silver. Padded puffer jackets, of course and shift dresses illuminated with glittering embroideries. Ooh la la. It was the Moncler Gamme Rouge uniform. An army, except not in the tough sense, more like a getting-shit-done army. The sky turned pink and the ladies came out in formation, hats and repping France, squeezing as much patriotism in as possible. Well, it was fitting for our last day in Paris. Moncler Gamme Rouge girls were on the move. We wouldn’t mind a desert holiday. Take us there, ladies.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd Evans