Thursday 14th July

| BY Jack Moss

More AW16 Campaign Action – This Time, Proenza Schouler

I met the Proenza Schouler boys in Paris. They were very nice. Soft hands. Firm handshake. Will says that I have soft hands too, “like a Stretch Armstrong doll,” apparently. A doll which is soft and smooth “like a latex glove that is filled with gel.” Yep, me neither. Anyway, I digress. This, here, is Proenza Schouler’s AW16 campaign. Which has nothing to do with hands, or their softness. No, this is actually all about ladders. Step ladders. No word yet as to whether these will be available for purchase, or whether, more likely, they are just part of the set, but either way we are claiming them to be the accessory du jour. Practical, non, chic, oui oui oui! Cart one around the September shows for guaranteed street snap success and an easy burst of inches in the height department. Apart from the ladders though, there are plenty of lovely things for you to actually wear, mainly because it showcases the boys’ AW16 collection, which was, in our humble opinion, fucking brilliant. They are modelled here by Selena Forrest, Julia Bergshoeff and Alexa Peralta, styled by Marie Chaix and snapped by Zoë Ghertner. Gurl power.