Sunday 9th June

| BY Roxy Lola

Moschino: Cruise 2020

Once upon a time in Hollywood… Yes, these events are based on a true story. A Hollywood horror film directed by Jeremy Scott. Moschino madness. This is Spooky Couture, hear them scream. Fade in… The exterior of American suburbia. When Drew Barrymore’s Casey asked Ghostface: “What do you want?” He replied: “To see your insides.” Scream is one of Scott’s favourite horror film, as he told us backstage before the show. And so we watched Suki Waterhouse as Casey open the show, blood-curdling shrieking and squealing as she ran down Colonial Street at Universal Studios before Scott’s slew of monsters invaded sweet suburbia. Why suburbia? “It’s always the idealistic, beautifully manicured, perfect place where something so sinister happens because everyone’s guards are down. They think it’s so wonderful and serene and safe and then the spooks come out. It’s always a normal place and then… BOO!” Zombies and mummies and corpse brides, oh my. Spiders crawled over fairy floss sequin covered dresses and witches slinked by in silky slip dresses in bone white and blood red. Ghouls shrieked on bouncy tutus and safety pins slicked through the heads of suited up boys. Get ’em. Yes, the boys. They stomped in combat boots and beetlejuice style suits. Mouths were slashed and masks a-maniac. Jeremy Scott’s chosen horror film soundtrack is Broken English Club’s Channel 83; a heart thumping beat mixed with horror film moments, the chanting of child serial killer ‘Mary Bell Mary Bell Child of Hell’. The Shining’s Grady twins marched in bubblegum pink platforms – as they should in the Moschino world – and Morticia Addams flounced in all her power, dripping in silky slick midnight black. A beautiful nightmare. Moschino monsters are the ones we love to have living under our bed. Here’s Jeremy!

Photographs by Marco Ovando