Thursday 23rd February

| BY Jack Moss

Moschino: Ready-to-wear AW17

Don’t get us wrong here, recycling is a very good cause. But generally we’re unkeen on experiences that rest upon rooting our appendages about in a bag of, possibly moist, rubbish. Unless there’s some sort of incentive. Or moments of desperation. If it’s still wrapped it’s fine, right? Anyway, not the case here at Moschino’s AW17 offering, because this is (as mentioned) Moschino, and really, has anyone ever faced a moment’s displeasure when either wearing, or surrounded by, the creations of Mr Scott? If they have, we’ve never seen it. Or heard of it. Because this was about the art of recycling, or perhaps less recycling as the things that we discard – the wrappings of life, as evidenced by the catwalk which was made up of hundreds of leftover brown cardboard boxes. Which made the collection a bit of play about in the stationary cupboard (a fantasy of Phoebe’s actually, she’s gets a bit fetishistic when it comes to office supplies) where those everyday items became transformed, in a fairytale like manner, into fantasy clothing. Mr Scott said it began with Cardboard Couture, the opening looks the clothing equivalent of the packaging from an online order, with FRAGILE and THIS WAY UP, written like stickers over cinched macs or brown paper bag two sets, before moving on to other things usually discarded in modern life. Those things you get your dry cleaning in? They became a cocktail gown. Bubble wrap? An incredible flared dress. Other highlights included @bellahadid in a dress made entirely of gold watches, or the constructions made from, for want of a better word – trash – plastic bottles, old MacDonalds cups, cigarette wrappers, all completed with an old box of tissues on the head. But, to evoke a cliche – this was a trash to treasure situation. It was a bit like the dumpster challenge on RuPaul. But even better. Because Mr Scott is a clothing genius. So we’ll leave the last words to him, those being: “couture is not a price point, it’s an attitude”. It’s what we’ve always said.