Friday 23rd September

| BY 10 Magazine

Moschino: Ready-to-wear SS17

Admission. When I was younger I was mildly obsessed with a paper doll website. If you know, you know. If you don’t, it’s probably best not to get into this matter much further and say only that this, Moschino’s SS17 show, was my childhood fantasy come to life. Literally. Because these were like those flat paper clothes, complete with little foldy tabs, in real-life human-sized form. Clothes on clothes, basically. As the notes put it, “Jeremy Scott finds inspiration in the original game of cut and paste for girls of taste.” It was all about instant gratification. Because what’s more instantly gratifying than clothes you can switch and swap by moving around a bit of paper? And these were some clothes – or should we call them fake clothes? – glam-our times ten – drawn from the 1967 cult film Valley of the Dolls, big blousy ball gowns with bows and opera gloves, saucy little bra tops. Amped-up eveningwear. And throughout, nods to Moschino’s history – polka dots, teddys, fat pearls – “a boldly old school reset,” we are told. And on the back? Well, they were blank. Which thus makes said looks easy to achieve at home via a large piece of cardboard, some handy scissor work and a box of markers. Get to work ladies.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans