Saturday 9th June

| BY Roxy Lola

Moschino: Women’s Resort & Menswear Spring/ Summer 2019

There’s only two types of people in the world: the ones that entertain and the ones that observe. Jeremy Scott is the put on a show kinda guy. He’s like a ringleader, he calls the shots, he’s like a firecracker, he makes it hot when he puts on a show. Not to paraphrase/ completely requote Britney Spears but Jeremy Scott did recreate a circus for his Moschino womenswear Resort 2019 and menswear Spring/ Summer 2019 all-in-one extravaganza in Los Angeles over the weekend. Spotlights were on all Jeremy’s faves as they worked the craziest flashes of triangular block colouring prints, flared red hot pants with waist chains and ties larger than life. It was over the top in the way that Moschino always is, but Scott manages to reign it in to still make it #fashion. He’s good at that. There were clowns in ballooning dresses complete with gaudy flowers, ringleaders in the shiniest tracksuits and shorts so high waisted they reached the top of ribs. All that Moschino magnificence was still there, waved into branded dog-collar style chokers (are they making a comeback so soon), full leopard print looks, embroidered denim and Scott style LBD’s. All eyes on Moschino in the centre of the ring ready for Jeremy Scott to crack that whip.