Friday 27th January

| BY Jack Moss

MSGM: Pre Fall 2017

Seen that Diana film? The one with Naomi Watts? Where she speaks like she has a large citrus fruit in her mouth, cops off with a sexy surgeon (facts dubious) and has premonitions of her own car-tunnel-based death? Well don’t. It’s shit. And thus leaves us, 20 years since Elton’s Candle In The Wind 1997 (English Rose Version) and that weird Diana Barbie, still bereft of a decent tribute to the people’s princess. Until now – step in Massimo Giorgetti of MSGM, who, for his Pre Fall collection, has moved on from those Queen-walking-the-Corgis headscarves that he showed at his most recent menswear collection to the real Queen of hearts, minds and everyone over the age of 70, Princess Diana. As he said (via Vogue Runway) “what I find attractive was her unconventional attitude, which was very rule-breaking and modern; it looks relevant even today.” And here, that comes through in a sort of mix of masc and femme – Cool Britannia meets an Eighties ruffle – houndstooth tailoring meets pretty florals, metallic puffa jackets worn with sensible pleated skirts. Diana, were she still with us. We miss you hon.