Monday 20th February

| BY Jack Moss

Mulberry: Ready-to-wear AW17

What, exactly, does it look like to wear a duvet cover? Or, more specifically, the duvet itself? Maybe it’s more like one of those things they put over then beds in hotels. That was the question proposed, and also answered, at Mulberry’s AW17 show yesterday. Although actually, having read the notes, it was actually inspired by horse blankets, which became these incredible poncho dresses, decorated with flowers or in slightly shiny black fabric. The collection was all about Mulberry’s heritage. Johnny Coca looked at the brand’s designs for country houses, which this gave the collection a bit of a horse-y, house in the country lady feel. But here a bit perverted, the proportions skewed and boxy. Perversion much down to the styling of Lotta Volkova who smeared the model’s hair with wet look gel (we like to think personally) and teamed weird (but amazing) fluffy socks with with strappy heels. Great bags and shoes in general, to be honest. Especially the bags. It is what Mulberry’s very good at – some Maggie Thatcher-type jobbies, some round ones, others embellished. Temptation to go backstage and grab: strong.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans