Saturday 17th February

| BY Roxy Lola

Mulberry: Ready-to-Wear AW18

A right old romp through aristocracy. Mulberry was in the heartland of Englishness, a futuristic setting at the historic Spencer House. Perfect for a collection that was all about looking back at English heritage and endeavouring to create a new take on it. This was Mulberry’s first dive into ‘See Now Buy Now’, the uber eats of fashion that continues to seduce. See it today and probably have it by tomorrow. So what would we pick and like to have delivered to our desk right now, Mr Coca? Well, perhaps the gold silk polite day dress with it’s boudoir blind ruffle drawn up at the hem. Or we might choose one of the double breasted, neatly tailored pant suits, all topped off with dramatic Noel Stewart hats. Anyone for Ascot?

We’ve never been big on the races but perhaps this will take us trackside. Royal, regal? Could Johnny Coco be gunning for a part in Megan Markle’s bridal trousseau? Straight to the heart in playing a part of British history. The collection was presented in the round with Alison Goldfrapp emerging from inside a spinning mirrored octagonal situation, singing ‘Anymore,’ adding a sultriness. “You’re what I want, you’re what I need, give me your love, make me a freak.” Ooh, getting a bit hot and heavy behind the hedges at Ascot. We’re off to get some high tea, those bone china painted florals have us in the mood. A whiplash of Englishness. Smashing.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd Evans