Monday 19th September

| BY 10 Magazine

Mulberry: Ready-to-wear SS17

Did you know that Surrey Quays, where Mulberry their show was the birth place of Jade Goody? Us neither. Anyway, enough of the random trivia, how best to describe Johnny Coca’s second outing for house? Allow us to quote directly from the press booklet. “Classic, but unclassic. There’s always a reference to British heritage, but it’s about how we can use tradition, to make it feel modern. How we can break the rules, to make it new”. And which aspect of heritage did they decide to subvert? Uniforms. From military inspired cotton to school tie influenced stripes, there was a sense of movement to this. Free flowing shirting was long, buttoned up and ending in an asymmetric hem, taking away the stiffness of the idea of uniform while still maintaining those characteristic traits. Tea dress shapes with wide, ruffled v-necks gave a 40’s flavour to the whole, invoking a sense of nostalgia for the days when school skirts weren’t hitched up to a whole 6 or so inches above the knee. Oh, and the whole thing was styled by Lotta Volkova. But, well, you knew that already.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans