Thursday 18th February

| BY 10 Magazine

Nicopanda: Ready-to-wear AW16

Lolita meets NoLita meets Health Goth meets crystal-crusted, bomber-jacketed flatform-trainered clubkid at Nicopanda. And the rest. That mix is quintessentially Nicola Formichetti – high with low with left-of-field, as smooshed up with glitter thrown on top. He’s constantly inspired by his travels and multiple lives in Japan, London and now New York – but whooshes the whole thing up in a blender (including gender: boys and girls wore these styles) and creates a hybrids that’s totally new and of the here and now. That said, with the season’s emerging focus on sportswear stuff like denims, sweatshirts and the aforementioned bombers, this didn’t seem like a niche proposal – but rather something you could imagine lots of people wearing, maybe even during the light of day rather than the neons of a nightclub.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans