Tuesday 20th February

| BY Roxy Lola

Nicopanda: Ready-to-Wear AW18

Here we are now Nicopanda, entertain us. This was a look into Nicola Formichetti‘s top rated playlist. Forget the teens, this was ‘Smells like Queens Spirit’. He knows how to have fun and so there was a whole lot of grunge, rock and hip hop happening here. Nirvana’s iconic logo was Nicopanda-ified and Kurt Cobain’s signature flannel on flannel was infused throughout. Lil’ Kim came to the party, patchwork of coloured leopard print on open coats, thick gold chains, hardware and hoops added the bling and girls wore bikini tops, quilted baby pink mini skirts, crops and pants.

In a collaboration with the game changing record label Tommy Boy, who signed some of the greatest hip hop and electronic music artists, matching nylon plaid tracksuits and bucket hats were emblazoned with the prolific Tommy Boy logo, later made Nicopanda’s own: ’Nicoboy.’ Love it. The New York Times logo was referenced in t-shirts and a quite severe nod to Queens in the beanies and hoodies. New York City meets Seattle.

The boys were so old school hip hop and the girls were super boujee, all going to the club to get down and dirty. Puffa jackets gave PVC protection in fluorescent pinks and lime greens, ‘90s prep college style tracksuits were worn innocently and thick woollen leg warmers met tights. It was a whole lot of old school hip hop style with an underlying love for grunge and a moment of now in the Cigarettes After Sex lyric ‘Your lies, my lips, apocalypse.’ There was a lot going on here. Smells like Nicopanda’s spirit.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd Evans