Saturday 9th December

| BY Finn Blythe

Their First For Women, Here’s Nike’s Latest ACG Collection


Johanna Schnieder, formerly of ACRONYM and now Senior Design Director for Nike’s Sportswear Women’s Apparel, knows what women want. From their sportswear, at least. Hence why Nike chose her to co-design their first ever ACG line for women. Which all makes sense. Now, for anyone unfamiliar with Nike’s All Condition Gear range – this is the uniform favoured by the urban explorer and after-dark rovers, those who’d rather walk (possibly run) than take the bus thanks, those who, unlike us, undertake physical activities in their spare time. Having said that, we are happy to get on board – quite simple because these are very nice clothes, for exertion or not, and are now, courtesy of Schneider’s maiden foray for the brand into women’s wear, expressive and hugely exciting.

Being ACG though, utility and practicality are never out of focus – these are clothes that need to work in every conceivable environment, not just omitting the wet and wilderness of the outdoors, but providing comfort and ease in the everyday. Co-designer of the collection and the line’s partner designer since ACG re-emerged in 2014, Errolson Hugh noted: “the main thing we were looking at when we designed ACG is the ability to transition in between different states. On the aesthetic side, we know your outfit communicates who you are and what you’re about – and that’s equally important for ACG.” Ladyfolk of Team Ten are ordering now – no movement required.

The collection will be released in Europe today