Friday 19th July

| BY Paul Toner

Snooki, Cheryl, Lily… Get the Noughties Look With Our Summer Sunglasses Edit

Finding the perfect pair of sunnies in the height of summer is almost as difficult as deciding between a Brazillian or a Hollywood wax ahead of your August get-away. That perfect balance between nabbing a pair of shades that’ll help you stand out in the endless ocean of sunbeds beside the pool, whilst simultaneously hiding any evidence of your boozy bender from the night before. Whether you’re headed to a five-star resort hidden in The Bahamas, or jetting-off to Benidorm with the in-laws for a hen-do of epic proportions – you’re bound to be searching for some much-needed inspo when it comes to finding that perfect pair of shades. Forget trawling through Vogue Runway for the latest sunglasses trends, we’ve got you covered. We’re attempting to do the impossible and delve into the noughties mindsets of our favourite noughties starlets and asking the important question – what would they do? With the powers that be, here’s what we came up with…


As far as noughties nostalgia goes, Paris Hilton is often seen as the messiah thanks to the multiple chihuahuas stuffed in tiny bags, low-slung velour tracksuits and everything doused in scorching hot pink. It’s her trusty co-star from The Simple Life though, Nicole Richie, who we should be studying to add some 2000s flare to our wardrobes. Richie accessorised her potty mouth and now iconic catchphrases with a timeless wardrobe of wraparound mini skirts, Missoni bandanas and Von Dutch caps that practically swallowed her head. When it came down to sunnies – bigger was always better for Nicole, a true party animal’s oldest trick. We expect she’d grow a particular fondness to these rose-tinted Alaïa and Cartier shades, and obviously, a site of the McQueen ones would trigger a “Loves it!” If you’re really looking to go balls-to-the-wall 2000s, its go big or go home.

Top – bottom: Alaïa, Alexander McQueen, Cartier


Why aye man, Cheryl absolutely loves a canny pair of sunnies. She might be fighting for this love, or frantically telling us she doesn’t need a parachute, but good ol’ Chezza is a chameleon – constantly changing up her signature lewks. Possibly one of our favourites is the height of the WAG era when she established herself as the style icon of the moment during the 2006 World Cup. We don’t have any intel on a coming Girls Aloud reunion, but we know Cheryl’s head would be turned after spotting either of these killer shades. Maybe she could even buy her former group members a pair each and bring up that fabulous girl band method of matching in different colour? We can only dream.

T-B: Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren, Bottega Veneta


She’s the H.B.I.C and reality TV royalty. If Tiffany “New York” Pollard hadn’t have graced our screens on Flavour of Love back in 2006, our small screen have been half as entertaining. Tiffany has made it no secret that she prefers the finer things in life, and we think these winged blue and white Prada shades scream pure opulence. Thinking back to her finest TV moments, the CK Jeans aviators would be a modern-day recreation of that iconic sitting-on-a-bed moment which turned into our favourite sulking meme. We hope she gets the memo.

Left – right: Prada, Calvin Klein Jeans


Something must have been different in the water, or perhaps Vodka, back in New Jersey circa 2009. They don’t make reality TV stars like Snooki anymore. With a wardrobe that consisted of denim batty riders and extra fluffy mukluks, Nicole Polizzi provided some of the most memorable fashion choices and one-liners MTV has ever seen. She had a particular eye for finding one-of-a-kind shades that fit her personality down to a T. Snooki would fall head-over-heels with the Chloé heart-shaped beauties or, if she’s trying to avoid a “grenade” in the club, the navy LV specs are ideal for staying on the down-low. Though if she simply wants to drunkenly run along the New Jersey boardwalk as she often did, the YSL pink zebra print cat-eye shades would be the perfect attire.

T-B: Chloé, Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton


She is the soundtrack of the decade, particularly our drunken summer afternoons spent sat in the park. Whilst being the mastermind behind some of the greatest hits of the times, Lily Allen has simultaneously become a style icon of our times – one prom dress paired with Nike Air Force at a time. Her outfit combos may have matured in recent years, but thankfully Allen is still partial to candy-coloured hues and sequins for days. We could picture our favourite London lass in some muted pink Burberry specs. Or how about these chunky zebra print Balenciaga shades for this year’s Notting Hill Carnival? Let’s just hope she doesn’t take it too far.

T-B: Balenciaga, Burberry


It’s only fair if we chuck one in for the boys. Mr J.T. has had some rather questionable haircuts over the year. The ramen-noodle blonde perm – we’re looking at you. But one thing the triple-threat has always gotten right is his wardrobe of sunnies. Transparent ones were key totems to all of Timberlake’s most iconic looks, the Britney Spears duo denim-on-denim look included. If the man himself where to return to his N*SYNC styling routes, These Gucci and Finlay & Co shades would definitely bring the sexy back.

T-B:Gucci and Finlay & Co