Friday 2nd March

| BY Roxy Lola

Off-White: Ready-to-Wear AW18

Welcome to Off-White‘s “West Village.” Virgil Abloh‘s girl is soul cycling on weekdays and riding horses in Westchester on the weekend. Oh, the NYC city girl life. For all that sneaker culture and street cred Virgil brings, he’s a hopeless romantic. “You’re talking about stories in a very remote kind of society that’s quite different from ours, because surely storytelling is much more diversified in the societies that we know…” a woman’s voice filled the room. The challenge of storytelling. The first chords of “The World is a Ghetto” reverberated as Bella Hadid walked down the ornate staircase, Wedgwood blue corset buttoned up over a white shirt, handbag in tow and flat leather boots. Swashbuckling and off to the stables. Strut. Traditional equestrian prints in a hunting tapestry set the scene, plastered onto tailored suits and coats.

The streamlined sportswear, the Off-White roots, were weaved in through skin tight cycling body suits and Off-White belted slick leotards brought the New York night with thin wind breakers cropped and hooded. The graphic equestrian T-shirt under that corset felt Just-White right. Silver surfing sequins shimmered and slinky, shiny tiered dresses flounced. Giant roses and peachy fine chiffon with all those little ruffles felt oh so romantic. Falling and flowing. Fabrics seamed down the middle on dresses and riding quilted jackets were cut off below the shoulders. The deep beautiful sorrow of The Smashing Pumpkins’ ‘Disarm’ led the way in the finale giving us a better insight into what makes Virgil’s heart beat faster. Giddy up, gals.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd Evans—