Friday 30th September

| BY 10 Magazine

Off-White: Ready-to-wear SS17

It’s all about being in the moment and Off-white is the pinnacle of this moment. On the surface it’s street style, but it’s so much more than that. If we do say so ourselves. So were so intrigued when we learnt that this time, Off-white’s girl is a “Business Woman.” This girl is going places. This is the business woman for right here right now. She dresses how she wants to dress because today, in this moment, no one dresses how you might expect. That’s the best part about riding this moment of total freedom. You can do what you want. And so Virgil does what he wants, so cleverly. Inside, the runway ran deep, swimming pool blue. Fresh, clean. So Off-white. Not literally. “I definitely didn’t grow up thinking I was cool,” a voice said, beginning the show. Well, good, because neither did we. “I had a lot of self independence from a young age.” That set the tone. This collection was a big fuck you to pre conceived ideas of how any woman going about her business should be dress like. To what women should be dressed like, full stop. Virgil has it all. Blazers paired with baseball caps, red leather dresses and cropped jackets, white stripe easy please nouveau track pants. He defined the pant of the season, high but flared and slouchy. Deep purple fringe dresses and tshirts under black satin slip dresses. Double denim and of course, sweaters branded with OFF WHITE, the word ‘woman’ everywhere. Because being a woman is so good, right, yes, we need to celebrate. And we must add in the music. Oh, the music. Only Virgil nails a collection that is exhilarated by Kate Bush’s Running Up That Hill and ends in Frank Ocean’s Solo, much to Kanye’s delight. This is the Off-white  generation. Virgil Abloh is our leader. We are following.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans—