Thursday 28th September

| BY Richard Gray

Off-White: Ready-to-Wear SS18

Extreme collar-pop Lady Di-style on one shirt. Extreme froufrou frockage in peach on another. Extreme Lady Di or certainly a cooler version of “the people’s princess” and arch enemy of the House of Windsor. Welcome to the Off-White fashion show where mega designer Virgil Abloh played a natty and quite lovely riff on the life, times and looks of one Lady Diana Spencer.

Throughout the outfits of deb-style frocks, stovepipe cropped pants in hot pink, and bleached-out double denim, came some serious nods to a manipulative press pack of gossip magazines. Models carried clutches with TIME, PEOPLE and LIFE emblazoned on the side. One super-gauzy cocktail number was more “Acid Raine”, Di’s “wicked step mother” than Lady Diana. The famous “Thorpe Park” look of denim shirt and tie popped up as well. Optimal water flume apparel for family photos.

Last look goes to a Ms Naomi Campbell – most super of supermodels in the cast and probably the only one alive at the same time as our Di. Oh, and the shoes – a collaboration with Jimmy Choo – were great: all manner of Di-style heels covered in some kind of plastic. Truly vintage and truly modern all at the same time. A proper TBT (throw back Thursday) and some. “Well, there were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded.”

Photographs by Jason Lloyd Evans—