Thursday 24th January

| BY Dino Bonacic

WATCH: On A Pursuit For A Baguette with Fendi and #BaguetteFriendsForever

“It’s a Baguette,” an overly sassy Carrie replies to a thief who’s trying to shed her of all her belongings in the middle of a side street in Manhattan after the guy asks for her bag. Not sure if anyone would be that confident with a gun pointed at them, but we always knew Carrie was slightly neurotic. Yet, wrong she isn’t. It’s not just a bag – it’s a Fendi Baguette, and it’s one of the most iconic bag shapes in contemporary fashion. And for a bag to achieve a cult status of wide-spread recognition – it’s an equivalent to a jackpot for the brand behind it. Originally designed in 1996 by Silvia Venturini Fendi, the Baguette became one of the first super-bags, making appearances in film, TV and even earning its own coffee table book. It became part of the pop-culture of the time, and it’s never been forgotten. But since we’re living in a peak time for self-referential revivals, the Baguette is coming back – big times!

#BaguetteFriendsForever is the latest project to come out of the Roman atelier as a three-part episodical video series, the first episode following a story of four fabulous best friends (khm, khm) on the lookout for fun times. It’s actresses Tan Zhuo and Qiao Xin, and influencers Yu Wei and Yoyo finding their perfect outfit for the night to come, along with a mix of vintage and SS19 Baguettes making an appearance with Groove Armada’s My Friend set as the soundtrack. Next stop: Hong Kong, January 29th.