Monday 17th August

| BY Natalie Dembinska

Paul Smith: The Accessories

What makes a legend most? And yes, before I go on, I know there will be cries of blasphemy for what will be the most random appropriation of one icon for another, but still, what does become a legend most? The answer? Paul Smith. Think about it for a moment. Is any explanation really needed? So, to continue in this vein, the next question is obviously what – or should that be who? – makes a good pouch? Once again, the answer is Paul Smith. Specifically the range of small leather goods from his new No 9 leather collection, which was inspired by the facade of his boutique at No 9 Albermarle Street, in the heart of London town – specifically, the cast-iron frontage of said boutique, the elliptical motif of which is repeated in the leather as embossed, interlocking swirls. Not only does this pouch see to your every pouch-holding need, it’s rather attractive, too. Minimal in shape, in a bright, primary hue, with a slim, elegant zip. It would be good, for example, for keeping important things safe. Such as passports when travelling. We’ve often heard tales of passport losses, and is there really anything quite as stressful? So maybe think of this as a sort of travel Xanax. Accessory as prescription drug. Keep safe, keep stylish, keep stress free.