Sunday 10th February

| BY Richard Gray

Ten’s People To Meet: Super-stylist & Daughter of the Moon Anna Trevelyan


Welcome to the avatar-like world of super stylist Anna Trevelyan. Here, the gifted daughter of the moon poses in a gorge get-up of unrivalled excellence. It’s typical of the daily fashion juju she casts. Her third eye for colour, shape and style and her ability to meld the hyperreal world of anime and computer games with runway is unique in the fashion world. Who better to nominate in our 10 People to Meet category as Queen Pikachu High up in Pumps? Tens! Ovah! Yas kween! The divine one speaks.

Richard Gray: Why is this outfit your look of the season?
Anna Trevelyan: Because Pikachu boots! Sorry, but what more can you ask for in life? Is that not just genius?

RG: What’s the best thing that could happen to you in this outfit?
AT: That I summon the powers of Pikachu and become a Pokémon master champion IRL.

RG: On a scale of “meh” to “yikes”, how“naughty” is this look?
AT: U r kawaii fantaseee!

RG: How do you feel in this look?
AT: Unique, happy, fantasy, Nintendo.

RG: Are your fashion choices brave?
AT: Not to me – they are just me. They may be perceived as brave by some.

RG: How would you describe your fashion look?
AT: It’s just how I feel best. Generally, a combo of sexy, fashion, kawaii.

And with that, the computer-generated one throws a magic spinning orb into the sky and disappears into it, probably called to some incredible gig, be it an awesome fashion shoot or to style any of the major shows she does, or to create some of her unparalleled imagery for Nike – an absolute must-see. Goodbye, special one.

Photography by Anna Stockland.