Monday 19th February

| BY Finn Blythe

Peter Pilotto: Ready-to-Wear AW18

For their AW18 show, Peter Pilotto served up their own unique cuisine of period chic to guests sat round tables at West London’s prestigious gent’s club, Tramp. You’d most likely recognise it from Mail Online paparazzi shots of wobbly, pale-faced celebrities seeking the refuge of their window tinted ride. But that’s not important. What’s important are the clothes, which proceeded a brief aperitif of actual food, these were the mains that everyone was saving space for and arrived in the form of a collection that, likes it surroundings, was bedazzling and highly ornate.

We’d like to think that if equivalent female-only clubs existed in the same esteemed, institutional capacity, it’s members would don these exact looks. Think smoking jackets but for women, floor length and flowing, with a hint of psychedelia in their vibrant prints that spoke of a kind of 1930’s opium-fuelled opulence. Exactly the sort of naughty, early hours behaviour that would light up the eyes and flashes of prowling paparazzi.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd Evans