Monday 19th September

| BY 10 Magazine

Phoebe English: Ready-to-wear SS17

Things have, politically speaking anyway, been a bit shit recently. So that’s what Phoebe English’s focussed on for her SS17 presentation. But this wasn’t about wallowing – nope, the collection – a tight seven looks – was instead a way to process it all. According to English, each of the seven women represented a different political change currently happening. She didn’t say which one each of her ladies represented, but there was a cast of different characters nonetheless – from “The Archer” (complete with bow and arrow) to “The Mourner” in a black-veil-Miss Havisham sort of get up. The clothes themselves were Phoebe’s signature style – masculine, deconstructed shapes that twisted around on the body, a touch of femininity added in sheer layers that sat atop. A designer to get excited about.