Saturday 15th September

| BY Dino Bonacic

PORTS 1961: Ready-to-Wear SS19

Organic sex appeal. A woman in her own comfort, unbothered by life, and enjoying a free moment in time. Nataša Čagalj of Ports 1961 served us a beautiful collection inspired by the emotion of holidaying, made to be worn every day. “It’s about a peace of mind and seeing things that I usually don’t see,” the Slovenian designer told us backstage. With barely-there make-up and intentionally messy hair, the women walking down the catwalk looked like they just came to the city from their summer vacay, still with sand in their hair, holding onto their after-sun glow and beach stories.

The clothes they were wearing, however, was ready for the real world. The classic Ports masculine tailoring and oversized knits were now accompanied by more bodycon silhouettes: heavy jersey dresses suspended by ropes were a novelty in the brand’s fashion dictionary. As always, accessories were a strong point – the big bags that fit everything you might need added that touch of real world. Oh, and the shoes? We need those asap. Trainers covered in laces, at times multicoloured, at others monochrome, created one of those instant-wishlis kinda moments. A great personal touch were the photographic prints covering some of the shirting – the images came from personal archives of Ports’ studio team members. We already miss summer, and this collection just reminded us all of our favourite memories. Easy, breezy, beautiful – Ports 1961.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans.