Wednesday 6th June

| BY Dino Bonacic

Ports 1961: Resort 2019

When someone describes clothes as fun, it usually means they come in a really obnoxious colourway or are way too tricky to be worn by anyone outside the frame of an Instagram post or beyond the age of 18. But Nataša Čagalj of Ports 1961 is here to prove otherwise. In her world, fun is defined a bit differently. Patchwork, fringe, mismatched fabrics and bold prints. For the brand’s Resort 2019, all of these elements come together in a way that’s simultaneously exuberant and elegant, playful but intelligent. Uniquely Ports. There’s no rules in Mrs Čagalj’s game – at times it’s about matching, sometimes it’s about the mismatched look. On one side of the spectrum, there’s the springtime-hued striped knitted polo dress layered over a canary yellow lace top, worn with a patchwork sandal – the ultimate fashion clash. Then you’ve got the flared jet black boiler suit worn with a pair of white mules – the perfect example of an updated classic. And then the bags… The simplistic silhouettes we know well are taken to the next level thanks to unique details – multicoloured rivets and subtle logo prints, exaggerated fringe and architectural clasps all serve as great design signatures that could easily become future brand staples. With Ports 1961, it’s always a case of beautifully designed clothes with a sense of intelligence, but this season there’s also a heightened sense of irreverence we’re absolutely here for. In a nutshell – we want it all.