Monday 22nd June

| BY 10Magazine

Prada Cruise 2016

Just because it’s menswear season, and just because the fashions happen to be man focused, doesn’t mean we can’t take a moment for some girl action. Well, if Mrs Prada can, we can. And if she gets to show girls i girl clothes during her mens show, we get to spend the morning staring at them while making a mental shopping list titled I want it all. Now! Original I know. Anyway, think of this as John Waters heroine. A sort of sixties bad girl with an even badder temper, minus the teased hair. Well, you know the saying, the higher the hair, the closer to God. She doesn’t want to be close to God. She prefers a warmer climate. Hell’s more her style. Think skirts, both pencil and pleated, a sporty zip up knit, and old man shirt and paillettes, thrown together with a mismatch of graphic prints, illustrated eyes, knitted bunny rabbits, wide stripes, an overblown houndstooth and a range of exotic skins. Just add a saggy sock and and ankle strap trainer shoe thing, not forgetting a flick of catty eyeliner and you’re ready to skive off to smoke behind the bike sheds.

By Natalie Dembinska