Friday 23rd February

| BY Roxy Lola

Prada: Ready-to-Wear AW18

Into the neon-rific Pradasphere… This felt like Prada heaven looking out from up high in official Prada headquarters, the Fondazione Prada complex tower. Spiritual. Cosmic, brilliant neon signs of monkeys and aliens and dinosaurs all becoming part of the Prada logo were scattered, zinging with energy, mapping the view. The tingling of neon was infused into the collection, candy coloured tulle peeping up and out of midnight black strapless dresses and coats. Why neon? “For the strength of women going out in the violence,” Miuccia Prada told us backstage. “My dream is for women to go out in the street, feeling strong without being fearful of anything. To have the freedom exaggerated. Now, you have to go out in camouflage, near the wall all dressed in black. We are illuminated here.”

They were beaming. Blondie and Philip Glass’s ‘Heart of Glass’ remix ran through the room, “Once I had a love and it was divine, soon found out I was losing my mind.” Yes we were losing our minds in a haze of new, fresh brilliant colours breaking through, Amber Valletta in that coat with its blurry print glowing, oscillating with each step. Checkered, wide sleeved coats were branded Prada and socks were cut off, now chic mini leg warmers under flaming heels. They wore identity cards, clipped on because, well, we were in the headquarters. Taking pride in their identity. Woollen vests shone in vitamin C orange, turquoise and glowing pinks with matching bucket hats and shimmering shiny shards of plastic tiered on dresses and strapless crops, all adding protection in fluorescence, flashes in the night. Something new is in the Prada air, electric, fizzing like champagne. Freedom and fearlessness.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd Evans