Sunday 7th May

| BY 10 Magazine

Prada Show Their Resort 2018 Collection In Milan

Susan Sarandon, Bianca Jagger, Courtney Love: seldom does a fashion show have guests who are more than just decoration.

These three incredible women, sat front row at the Prada Cruise show, just, are figureheads of modern female empowerment. Be that in the arts: Sarandon and Love or in politics – see Jagger’s tireless endeavours for equal rights.

All three in their way embody the Prada woman: that normally nebulous being that exists as random cut-outs on a fashion studio moodboard. Not at Prada. These women shop Prada, wear Prada – are Prada.

The show, which took place in the Osservatorio, a new space hidden above Milan’s famous Galleria shopping area, and directly above the Prada store, was full of pleated skirts and delicate blouses; some with beads in patterns or edging the hem of a skirt. The slips in lingerie colours were saucy and naughty and will be shot tirelessly by style magazines, guaranteed. There was sportswear, too: off-the-shoulder zip-front blousons and knee-high socks worn with brilliantly bulbous new-style sneakers all of which, chime with the current uniform of just about every woman, everywhere.

Rich women, it seems, go to the gym and even if they don’t – they’re adopting the same gym-wear dress codes. There are trainers in the most high powered offices these days! Prada’s versions, of course, were far better than anything else out there and the look is chicer still worn with something for the evening. On your marks mi lady…

Text by Richard Gray